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Organizing brings order to all areas, including crafting and garages

Order is important in all spaces and for all our stuff in our life.  Simply grouping and spacing between work areas can improve productivity and safety.  Stocking supplies in functional areas and in the stations they will be used saves space and time.

Learning a clients work habits and preferences I am able to solve issues and reorganize a space to look and function better without disrupting their creative flow or requiring them to spend a lot of time being acclimated to their space,

Clever Container Utility Station hanging on peg board
Clever container enhances the organization. Items show are the Utility Station and basket. These universal organizers are designed to use on a peg board or mounted to the wall, hardware is included. see the website https://clevercontainer.com/dotwiggins storage and work spaces.


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  1. I love containers to organize things. Years ago, I organized all our kids toys in containers. Keeps everything nice and clean.

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