Uniquely Organized & Utilized

Uniquely Organized & Utilized

Offering a wide range of consultation and coaching with passion and dedication to assist YOU with YOUR goals, plans and projects to improve your organization of your home, work, and play.

Meet the Organizer

Professional organizer & strategist of space and stuff in autos, garages, homes, offices and storage units….all in an effort to reduce stress.

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  • Dot is one of those people with natural ability to get things done, quickly and efficiently. She knows her business, and she’s very reasonably priced compared to many other organizers out there. Definitely worth the investment!
    – Joy Brown Forrest
  • I had Dot come over and help me organize my office. The difference we were able to make in 4 hours was stunning!

    It is not even like it’s the same space!

    I’m now focusing on finishing all of the homework items she left me, but it has affected the entire feel of the office, and it is amazing! I love it. 

    I plan to have her back to work on the rest of my home.. We have a LOT of work to do!

    – Haley Lynn Gray
  • Dot is fantastic. She has great ideas and vision. I highly recommend letting her expertise transform your living space.

    – Dart McAdoo
  • Thank you Dot for you help in redesigning our playroom into a functioning home office and sewing room for me. I’m able to escape the household and focus on what needs to be focused on.

    – Jennifer Sabatini
  • What a great service! Totally worth every penny. Dot helped me organize my home when it was cluttered with things that I was too emotionally invested in to get rid of. I would recommend her to everyone. Thanks Dot!

    – Charity Messaoudi